Nobody Wants Bats in Their House!

That’s where we come in! Nice Bats is a humane bat removal service with 20 years of experience. If there is one thing we know, it is how to remove bats!

Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem because they eat bugs and protect crops, but that doesn’t mean you want them sharing your home or business. Since bats are a protected species we use a humane method of bat removal that allows bats to stay in your neighborhood, just not your house. Want to know how we do it?

We offer bat removal services to the Sioux Falls area, Southeastern South Dakota, and Northwestern IA including the Sioux City area. Nice Bats is a division of Woods Roofing, Inc.


We offer bat removal services in the Midwest. We use an exterior exclusion bat removal method, which is a proven safe way to remove bats and keep them from re-entering.


We have worked with many clients over the years, and believe it is important that they have a good experience with us.

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