Bat Proofing

Nice Bats is the industry leader in bat removal in the state of South Dakota. Being founded in 1999, we have the experience to help you with any bat problems you may be having. Experience matters. We live up to our word and will continue to work on a solution until we succeed in getting the bats out of your home. We include a workmanship warranty against re-infestation as long as there are no alterations to the structure after bat-proofing. If for any reason you are having trouble with bats again, please give us a callback and we will come to your house and reassess. We honor our promise to you to keep your home bat free!

Nice Bats performs a method of bat removal called bat exclusion. After we use exclusion to get the bats out of your home, we go around the entire house and bat “proof” it and make sure everything is good. We do not go into your attic and try to catch the live bats because the odds of finding them in there are way too low. Bats love to hide and not be seen and can even burrow in your insulation, walls, or be in your soffit. All of these are reasons why we use bat exclusion to remove the bats followed by bat-proofing.

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We know Bats don’t normally show up at a reasonable time so call us any time, day or night, or fill out our form and we will call you right back to set up an appointment. When you call us, you are talking to the professionals. Our office staff is ready to answer any question you may have and our field technicians are trained and qualified to help you with your bat problems. We are the experts in the industry and know how to get the job done right!

How It Works

The bat-proofing process looks like this:

  • Meet with an Estimator
  • Figure out the problem
  • Build a solution
  • Present the solution to fix the problem
  • Make a decision
  • Choose metal colors (if metal is needed for the job)
  • Communicate scheduled dates
  • Set-up day
  • Close-up day

Other Services

Guano Clean-Up

Dealing with a bat infestation may be one of the most difficult problems when owning a home but how and when a person should deal with the bat guano, can also be a difficult decision.


With a properly insulated and ventilated home, you’ll be able to manage and mitigate excess heat and humidity more effectively and help extend the life of your home.