Why You Should Consider Professional Bat Removal

They say persistence is key. Well, bats are persistent. They are like that one person who consistently reaches out to you time and time again, asking for you to hang out or asking you for something. Eventually, you just give in and hang out with them or give them what they want so they stop bothering you. Bats, unfortunately, don’t give in quite so easily.

Consistently and continually, bats will fly around and look for a place to get inside your house. They will do this until they either find a place to get in or they don’t. But just because these bats can’t find a spot to get in today or tomorrow or next week, does not mean that these bats stop looking for places to get inside your home. They will continually try to get into your home for a very long time.

A roost is where bats live and a group of bats is called a colony. Some bats like their roost to be in hollow trees, some like it to be in a cave, but here in South Dakota, many bats use buildings as their roosts. Do you blame them? A warm, dry, dark place to live and breed. I don’t blame them at all. In South Dakota, most bats choose to live in the attic spaces of homes with people never really knowing that bats are living there. Homeowners won’t know until they hear them, see them, are trying to sell their house, or worse, smell them. Why do they choose to live in buildings besides it being a warm, dark, and dry place to live? It is because that is where a lot of bats are born.

Every year, female bats try and return to the same place they had their baby bat pups the year before. Bats are creatures of habit and want everything to stay the same from year to year. They want to live in the same house and they want to have their babies in the same place. I get it, it makes sense. But this is the reason why bats are so persistent and will continue to come back to the same place day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.

Bats are a protected species and should never be killed or poisoned because of all the good things they provide for the environment. They help pollinate fruits and crops, eat lots of bugs and insects, and are just overall great for the ecosystem.

So when you find out you have some extra people living in your house that you may or may not want to be living there, this is where the professionals come into play. Nice Bats is trained in safe and humane bat removal practices. We do not harm or kill any bats. We have seen A LOT of different things in our years as a bat removal company and we are ready to accept all the challenges that your bat project may consist of.

We stand by our work and we continue to come back as long as there is a bat problem at your home. If a homeowner tries to get the bats out of the home, there is a chance that they make the problem worse by confusing the bats on where they have been entering and exiting your home. They may even not getting them all out of their home and lock some of them in the attic where they will eventually die. That is a big problem when bats are a protected species.

There is also a chance that as a homeowner, you may never really get all the bats out because of all the different ways they can get into a home. All the reasons above are why you should contact a professional bat removal company and have them help you get the bats out of your home.

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